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Quotes of the Week

–Perfect, remote, and unbroken.

Virginia Woolf

The Moon is, as Paul Éluard would say, exploding with silence.

Clarice LispectorThe Complete Short Stories; “Soul Storm."

Let me be as urgent as a knife, then, […]

Mary Oliver“The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac.”

All feels wild from this distance.

Michelle Cliff“And What Would It Be Like.”

I swallow the madness because it calmly makes me hallucinate.

Clarice Lispector

I need solitude. I need space. I need air. I need the empty fields round me; and my legs pounding along roads; and sleep; and animal existence.

Virginia WoolfThe Diary of Virginia Woolf

I am alone again and I want to be so; alone with the pure sky and open sea.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Let’s allow ourselves space and error, hysteria and grief. Really, we must let the candle burn—pour gasoline on it if necessary. Creation is our gift and we are ill with it. It has sloshed about my bones and awakened me to stare at 5 a.m. walls.

Charles BukowskiScreams From The Balcony: Selected Letters 1960 - 1970

…a distant heart, a nocturne, perhaps, an air that will never return.

Eavan Boland

My desires run riot
and out of all paintings
the angels follow me.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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