It’s a new season which calls for a brand new look – no pun intended *looks away*

But seriously, this brand refresh was such a long time coming.

The previous branding was basically designed for my previous brand name, A Painted Soul. When I changed the brand to Soul of Orion, I didn’t change anything except for the wordings on the logo. I did that because at the time I already felt angsty about changing the blog’s brand name entirely and was not sure if it was wise to change the look as well.

It kind of was though… I was just chicken (and lazy) to do it.

le Backstory

You see, when my blog was A Painted Soul, the paint smears and everything painted really worked with the brand’s image. Paint –> paint smears, get it? Good.

So when I changed my brand’s name – I talked about the change here – I didn’t change the brand’s image to reflect that, however.

The entire premise – idea – of the brand’s new name was based on the constellation, Belt of Orion, so having paint smears and everything painted didn’t quite fit with the program, although I tried super hard for it to.

Kher (anyways), I decided to roll with it regardless. I didn’t have the time, or the inspiration, really, to do an entire rebrand. In fact, I was in the midst of a website revamp for the blog at the time and just couldn’t fathom dealing with rebranding it as well. This, again, was stupid and dumb.

A few days ago, I decided that it is time and I mean time to do the rebrand. I had been to working on a new logo for quite some time now but it was almost always just playful more than serious.

However, yesterday while I was going through the goofy drafts I realized that’s what I want the brand to reflect: playful, carefree.

So, instead of refining the design and making it more sophisticated like I always do, I decided not to work on it any further. I made a decision that for once in my life I want to go with something that was the first thought, the first inspiration that starts it all. I mean isn’t that what my blog is for? A playground free of judgements and afterthoughts and refineries (I redefined that word here but thats okay)?

le New Logo


Hence, to reflect the carefree-ness of the blog and to battle second-thoughts and conform to said standards I decided that this particular logo seals the deal. It is unrefined, carefree of judgements and is so playful it makes me giddy inside – no, really, it does.

le New Hues

I also muted the colours of the previous brand to be more muted and earthy. I realized that the previous colours, though so dear to me, seemed too loud and obscuring, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily but felt kind of off in this case. It would honestly bug me from time to time and the designer in me would be itching in pain to deal with it. However, since I am a very stubborn person, even with my own self, I always pushed the thought way back in my head till I couldn’t push it no more – the designer had had enough!

Thus, behold the new palette: it is muted, earthy, and still embodies my favourite hues. Win, win, eh?

I love how soothing it is to the eye, unlike the previous one which was kind of sharp. I also love how bold, yet neutral it appears to be at times. And might I say, I have been staring at it for *coughs* a few hours now?

soul of orion brand design

le New Letterings

The other change I made to the brand was the fonts. 

Previously, I was using Cormorant Serif for the body and Novitha for the headings, as well as, any decorative elements on the site and articles. That font is also the one I used for the name in the logo. I loved, and still love, the playfulness of the brushstrokes and how rough they felt. However, it, again, symbolized the whole “painted” element of the brand – which doesn’t exist anymore, so I felt I had to address that.

Hence, I changed it entirely.

It took me a while but I finally found the font of my dreams. It’s called Joules et Jacques serif. the font is modern and it is fun. Joules et Jacques Serif is now officially the primary font of the brand. And honestly, I can’t stop myself from reading the posts just so I can admire this darling thing – sorry one of designers mere obsessions I am afraid. 

In addition, I replaced the decorative font for the headings and such with something that is still playful, albeit, not too strokey or heavy. I wanted something delicate that was still softly loud – does that make sense? So, I found Esther, the cute, playful thing that she is. The font is light and yet giggles and laughs. It is also similar to the logo’s lettering, however, I wanted to add some variety by not using the same lettering style like I did previously. This way I get cohesiveness minus repetition – win!

le New Imageries

Finally, I drew some imagery for the blog. Since the entire premise of the new brand is constellations, I wanted to reflect that in the brand. So, I illustrated some stars and a moon, as well as, handdrawn hands to touch on the belief that we all harbour the magic inside us. Cheesy I know but I find it so enchanting.

In fact, the whole reason I went with the starry theme was to reconnect with the child in me who believed(s) in magic and the power of imagination. Growing up, I always loved manifesting magical fantasies and looking at everything as if they were from another magical realm. Due to this, I wanted to instil that very nature in the blog itself. So, it seemed fitting to design some elements that would playfully reflect that.

I will be doing some more as I warm up my illustration skills and awaken the dormant illustrator within, however, I thought I’d share these babies with you meanwhile and do somewhat of a regular illustration journal to showcase the ones as I make ’em, sound good? Super!

soul of orion

Behold, the Brand New Look!

Ahhh, I am so excited for this new look!

At last, I have a brand that reflects everything about my vision for it and doesn’t compromise on anything.

Obviously, I am not gonna go as far as saying this is the final branding. It never is. As times change, the brand evolves, and while it evolves so should its imagery. So yes, the branding will change when the time comes. For now, though, it is perfect and I am so so happy to share this new start with you!

Also, how cool is it that the new brand reveal happens to be when Spring has officially just started?! I swear, I did not plan this. In fact, it completely slipped my mind that Spring is finally here which is so odd considering how impatiently I have waited for this day!

Oh well, I am happy, utterly and blissfully, happy that Spring is here and I get to start off the season on such a high, bubbly note!

So, happy (new beginnings) Spring my darlings! Wishing you an abundance of blooms and sunshine. Also, *whispers* if you’re thinking of starting that new project, now is the time!

xo fatima

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Fatima Zehra

Fatima Zehra

A dreamer and a storyteller at heart, Fatima's aim in life is to live as creatively as possible while inducing intention in everything she does as of late. It is because of such intention that Soul of Orion was born. A playground free of rules, fear of expectations and the likes, where she can freely express herself and her work as well as chronicle her journey of being, called life.