Oh Hello!

I am Fatima Zehra, a 20-something self-proclaimed art junkie and storyteller.

I created this space to act as my sanctuary where I express myself through photography, writing and by sharing bits and pieces of my life. I have always been a loud soul, who truly believes in living life to the fullest. Exploration and the act of self-discovery have always been the primary themes of my life. This blog acts as my space where I continuously explore aspects of myself as well as what surrounds me.

Read below to find out more about this 20-something who is (possibly will be) constantly in search of herself.

What I believe in

Rhinos are the real unicorns and we need to keep them safe – as well as ALL the other inhabitants of mother Earth

Travel is the Ultimate Inspiration

Under-Promise, Over-Deliver

Design makes the World go round

Success is derived from Passion

Live and Let Live

What I love

Classic Date with my tea and a good read – yeah, I am a manic bibliophile

Spending hours finding Design Inspirations on… Pinterest!

Photography is pretty much my middle name

I have this Lifetime resolution of travelling to AT LEAST FOUR new places each year – cool eh?

Puppies! Kitties! Love!

Catching up with a ‘lottle’ bit of tea is always a good idea! Don’t you think?

Random Facts About Me

Based in Toronto, but willing to work with Clients all over the Globe!

Recently acquired 

Honours in Bachelor of Commerce.

Now, I am working towards my Bachelor of Design.

Self-Taught Design Geek since the age of 13 

Aspiring Digital Nomad

I am a firm believer in the incredible power self-awareness and self-love 

A Film junkie






Branding and Marketing