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Fatima Zehra

April 15, 2017

Enjoying the Freshness of Spring

Its Spring! The gateway to my favourite season of the year, aka Summer. Despite the bipolar nature of the weather, I am enjoying myself quite a bit lately. The warming of the days is stirring up my spirits as I prepare myself (and my wardrobe) for the festival season. (more…)
January 1, 2017

New Year, New Adventures, A New Resolution

Is it just me, or did 2016 just fly right by? I still remember last New Year’s Eve so clearly, like it was yesterday! I decided then that I was done with repeating the same mistakes of always complaining about life but never actually doing anything about it. Hence, in…
December 18, 2016

Why We Owe It to Ourselves to Struggle

"It is your destiny so to move your wand, / To wake up storms, to run through the heart of storms, / To lay bare a monument like a nest in a thicket, / Though all you wanted was to pluck a few roses." -Czeslaw Milos This quote has done wonders…
December 12, 2016

New Look, New Start

Even though winter hasn't officially started, you can already feel it arriving with full force. When I was in Pakistan, I used to love winter. It was my favourite season of the year; this was mainly because my birthday is in January but the fact we got some break from all the heat was…
November 21, 2016

Fall Fashion Favourite x the Dress Boutique

As the days turn colder and colder, it becomes hard sometimes to dress up in such chilly weather. It becomes even harder for girlies like me who just live in dresses - especially when you live in Toronto. This is why I always yearn for summers and warmer weather so I can…
November 15, 2016

Colourful Reflections x Marsquest Promotion

No matter what the season, I have always loved having my own unique pair of shades. This is why I was uber, uber excited when I got the opportunity to collaborate with Marsquest, an upcoming online store with a stellar collection of sunglasses. As far as the fashion of sunglasses go, they're doing…
fall fashion
October 31, 2016

Living in Burgundy & The Power of Self Awareness

Fall Fashion & What It Means to Me In case you haven't noticed, I am obsessed with the colour Burgundy this season. Despite the chilly nature of Fall, I have always loved the season as it sets up our mood for the upcoming festive season and helps us get ready for the…