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marc bale
September 26, 2016

Fall Details Featuring Marc Bale from The Peach Box

Despite being a summer baby spiritually, Fall brings out the joy in the introvert in me. Its the season for feeding the soul with the arts: books, designing, art crawls, and the simple act of pondering. I have actually started gathering up titles for my reading list which I can't wait…
September 8, 2016

End of Summer // Style & Thoughts

Ahhh, the glorious season is coming to an end! This summer has been by far the most productive of all the seasons in the past. Not only did I explore the local areas and pigged out on amazing food, I achieved my goals and got some juicy bonuses along the…
June 22, 2016

Style Diary: Abstract Flared Dress

Today's dress is the lovely creation of my dear, talented, mother. When I woke up today, my mother rushed me to get ready while she selected a dress for me. Confused, I decided to do as told and began freshening up and doing my make up and hair. When I finished, I…
distillery district
May 31, 2016

Toronto City Guide: the Distillery District

Last Sunday, my friends and I visited the historic district of Toronto, the Distillery District. It wasn't my first time, I've been to this area on several occasions and I've loved it every single time I've been there. What I truly love about this magnetic place is its aura with which it touches…