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Fatima Zehra

July 30, 2014

Seville, Spain

Our next stop after Granada was Seville. It was a nice, pretty town with gorgeous infrastructure. I guess, what I really admire about Seville, or Spain in general, is the unique historically diverse culture it has. (more…)
June 9, 2014

Lakeshore Stroll

So today my friend and I decided to go on a stroll by the lake and snap some good pictures since my portfolio really needed a fresh lift. However, once we got there it started to drizzle a little and, a while after, started pouring! Despite the shower, we managed to…
June 6, 2014

Mini Goals: June

Recently, I have been feeling quite unsatisfied with the way things have been going. I am constantly finding myself being side tracked, distracted, and just not organized enough to accomplish any of the items on my To-Do-List. Hence, I have decided to make list of mini monthly goals and make sure I…
June 2, 2014

Moodboard: Summer

Summer is here! And I have so much planed which makes me excited so I decided to create a moodboard haha! This summer is going to be filled with beachy breeze, stars, wine, good reads and a lot of dreaming! (more…)
May 27, 2014

Trip to Montréal

Last week, a couple of my friends and I packed our bags and set off on a road trip to Montreal. Not knowing what the next few days had in store for me, I admit I was a little unsure about how it would all go. That being said, I…