Yesterday, my mother and I decided last minute to visit the wonderful, paradise-like Bluffer’s Park, Scarborough. Last time I went there it was back in 2012 and I was completely blown away.

Ever since, I always wanted to go back but since its such a gorgeous site to see it is always packed and the parking is a nightmare. Regardless, we decided to drive up there and despite having to struggle for half an hour to find a parking spot, it was a nice Saturday spent at the park.

Now, there are two sites to visit one is the beach and other one is at the top of the cliff. I always get confused between the two and end up spending hours trying to hike from one site to another – don’t do that unless you absolutely love hiking. Instead, drive up to the cliff and spend some time there walking along the trails and viewing the breathtaking horizon from up top and then, drive down to the beach and relax on the lakeshore.

Yesterday, thanks to the hot weather, the water was so nice to dip your toes into and to just enjoy the perfect temperature. However, since I will harbour trust-issues with the Canadian weather, I failed to bring along my bikini-wear and so couldn’t truly enjoy the weather or the beach. So word for the wise, always, always, always carry your swimwear along just in case the weather decides to be on your side.

The Bluffer’s Park, Scarborough, ON

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I really enjoyed my time at the park. However, I wish I wasn’t in such a hurry to leave since I ended up parking outside the parking zone and was constantly worried about getting my car towed or what not.

With that said, visiting local sites like Bluffer’s Park really helps me appreciate my blessings and how thankful I am to call this piece of paradise my home. The water is crystal clear and yet has a mesmerizing tint of deep blue. The cliffs are gigantic and truly help you gain a larger perspective of your size relative to the world and your position in it. The short time that I did spend at the park yesterday, helped me see beauty in a short time-span. Having limited time or resources for that matter, helps you take in as much as you can in the moment and truly enjoy it. Instead of taking the visit for granted or complaining about how hot or crowded the place was, I just focused on the beauty and serenity of it, and eliminated the rest. This short visit helped me gain a newer lens to view life with and from now on I will really start practicing to live my life in the moment. 

This year, I made a point to visit as many local gems as I can and so far I have been doing just that. When you explore locally, it helps you realize how blessed we are and gives you a fresh perspective on life. Before going on local adventures, I always yearned to go to far-away places and diagnosed myself as being sick with wanderlust. That wasn’t entirely accurate. I am a travel junky and a wandress, but I failed to realize that local adventures can be just as enjoyable as going abroad and visiting distant places. Don’t get me wrong, I still intend to continue to live as a globe trotter but now, I appreciate my surroundings even more and have adapted a mind-set that is in constant state of peace and happiness. When you realize that happiness can be found in your backyard and that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or go on a long journey to attain it, you set yourself up to living a more meaningful and intentional life – and isn’t that why we all travel and go on adventures anyway? 

Until next time, my loves!

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