Fall Fashion & What It Means to Me

In case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with the colour Burgundy this season. Despite the chilly nature of Fall, I have always loved the season as it sets up our mood for the upcoming festive season and helps us get ready for the new start by inspiring us to shed our old skin and await the new. In fact, what’s not to love about the season, especially when you consider the fall fashion and style in which you get to experiment with colours and layers and just go crazy with it?

To me, fall fashion is all about experimenting and then some. Considering how colourful the season is in itself the perfect excuse to play with colours. More so, the chilly – and sometimes bipolar – weather makes it even more fun if you’re into layering. Layers help add some personality to your style and gives you the ability to continuously change your look without needing to buy more outfits or constantly having to switch from one clothing to another.

How Fall Inspires Me to Become More Self Aware

Being someone who loves to reflect and gets excited at the thought of new beginnings and starting afresh, Fall has always had a soft spot in my soul; even though I am a person who prefers the warmth of Summer. I love the festivities and excitement that the season brings with it, along with the vivifying feeling that the year is coming to an end and there is a new beginning waiting to greet us. From colourful, shedding leaves to surprisingly refreshing, cool breeze, the season is all about the inspiration and motivation to feel grateful for what you’ve achieved thus far and to continue to shed ourselves of anything that brings us down so we can carry on conquering our goals.

I have always been the person that believes that nothing is more important than being self aware. Being self aware helps you realize what you really want and inspires you to settle for nothing less than that. You realize your worth and strength, which ultimately helps you reach the height of genuine happiness and peace of mind. In fact, not only do you truly know yourself, but you also have the ability to see others with a clear lens. You become more empathetic, you have a better understanding, and thus, you communicate better and form healthier relationships.

I have achieved so much this year and that has inspired me to continue ticking off all that I planned on achieving. Life isn’t a destination, rather a series of destinations within a long, yet short, journey. So instead of focusing on arriving at one destination and calling it “The End,” we should enjoy our small victories, realize that life is the sum of small things, and that we should never stop marvelling at the victories and discoveries that we make along the way.

Fall Fashion Obsession: Burgundy

So, here’s to new beginnings and continuing to grow!

What are some of your goals for the season or the year? Comment away, darlings!

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