Happy Belated Thanksgiving my Canadian loves!

Whewf! Last weekend was a roller coaster ride, albeit a fun one. Saturday was the busiest of them all. I had a dinner to attend in the evening in the city, while juggling a lengthy photoshoot with my favourite photographer. Although a lot of running around was involved, it was a pretty eventful day that ended with some nice wine on the couch, unwinding my exhausted soul. Sunday, on the other hand, was pretty calm: slept in, took a night hot shower, dressed up, met my lovely friend and had pasta for lunch together. The day ended with my boyfriend cooking some delicious, delicious dinner for us, while me making us some mouth watering s’mores – it was his first time trying btw and he loved it!  The long weekend ended with a bang, with my boyfriend coming over to have thanksgiving with the fam and all of us bonding over with some nice food and wine.

2016 has been my most favourite year thus far. I have always loved Thanksgiving as it helps us focus on our blessings and what we have. I am so thankful for everything that I have and achieved, and yesterday was the day I truly let myself feel how grateful I am of my blessings. After extended periods of confusion, frustration, and let-downs, this year was a breakthrough and thats mainly because I decided I am not going to stop until I achieve it all. I know I am far from my ultimate destination, but looking at how far I’ve come truly warms my heart and lifts my spirits. I am so thankful for having such an amazing support system comprising of my lovely mother, brother, boyfriend and my friends; I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far without their love and encouragement.

Even though we have a quarter of the year left, I am so happy and grateful at how 2016 has turned out so far and can’t wait to see what’s more in store 🙂

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