For those of you who don’t know, I am a big foodie! Food is honestly my most favourite source of joy and I am not even exaggerating, not even a tiny bit! Thus, I usually dedicate my weekends finding places that bring tremendous joy to my tummy and allow me to try something new. Last weekend, my dear friend and I went to Sud Forno, a cute, Italian Terroni cafe located on  Queen St.

A hustle and bustle of a place that offers a variety of South Italian cuisine, Sub Forno is now my new favourite spot in the city. I tried their Toto pizza and Chocolate Baba with a nice, steamy cup of rich latte. The food was authentic and I was not disappointed. The interior of the place is gorgeous and so Instagram worthy, haha! 

My friend and I spent hours at the cafe just catching up and engaging in some good talk. We didn’t even realize that it was time to go till my phone rang and I was forced to check the time! That’s when you know you’re having a good time, eh? 😉

All in all, Sud Forno is an awesome place to chill, grab some hearty food by yourself or with a friend and have some nice, sweet time. It’s almost my getaway to Italy except I am still in Toronto!

Sud Forno, Terroni/South Italian Cafe


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