I am finally back after a loooooooong (and much needed) hiatus. For those of you who don’t know, I work full time and have been attending design school part time. I just finished my semester yesterday and will be off for the entire summer – can you tell how stoked I am?! 

I know I have neglected my blog for the past few months but it was something I needed to do in order to keep myself from losing my shit. School was extremely demanding and juggling it with work was not a walk in the park. Thus, I decided to prioritize and take it one day at a time – this meant I had to put my blog on the back burner and just give myself the space and time I needed to get a few hurdles off my way.

Now, I am as free as the oceeean and can’t wait to get back to bringing my blog back to life. One thing I realized from this lengthy hiatus was how much I missed blogging! There were days when I would just want to quit it all and just focus on my blog. This break helped me realize my dreams and put it all in perspective. The voice inside kept nagging me to break free and pour itself out here. In order to keep it calm, I continued to stay active on Instagram and worked on some amazing creative projects at school. I also used this break to reevaluate the direction of the blog and really focused on coming up with a plan to create quality content that reflected my voice. This is why I changed the branding of the blog from being self titled to A Painted Soul and revisualized my aesthetics.

So… finally I am back and so is the voice, all joyful and excited with a clear vision to start exploring again and expressing it on this wonderful space I created solely for that purpose.

Can’t wait to get back to it all with a bang!

As the weather continues to warm up (thankfully), I can’t wait to get my wardrobe all ready for the festival season. As you may have noticed, I am a sucker for dresses. Dresses are honestly the easiest way to make yourself appear chic and classy without any added effort. I am completely in love with this Black Crochet Dress I recently was gifted by NA-KD and I honestly keep finding excuses to wearing it again and again and again! The dress also comes in white and it is equally dazzling. The crochet gives the dress a neat personality and texture while the shape of it all adds a nice sophisticated touch.

I am honestly so excited for summer and I can’t wait to hit the mall and get my wardrobe back to life – it had kind of died while I was struggling in school *rolls eyes and sighs*

Stay tuned lovelies!

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Fatima Zehra

Fatima Zehra

A dreamer and a storyteller at heart, Fatima's aim in life is to live as creatively as possible while inducing intention in everything she does as of late. It is because of such intention that Soul of Orion was born. A playground free of rules, fear of expectations and the likes, where she can freely express herself and her work as well as chronicle her journey of being, called life.