I recently visited the gorgeous city, San Francisco, with my mother. We were initially planning to go to Italy but my mom really wanted to go west to attend the talk between Sam Harris and Yuval Harari. Considering how in love with Harari I have been lately, especially after completing his book Sapiens, I didn’t object to the change of plans, quickly hopped on and booked tickets.

Now, I have never been to San Francisco before so naturally was having a little difficulty planning things out and to top it all off I have an avid type B personality so planning has always been a bummer for me. To make matters slightly worse, my mother is a straight type A so that added another layer of pressure to plan out the trip. In the end though… I didn’t plan out the trip oops, sorry not sorry! 

Despite me being a giant ball of an organized mess, we ended up just fine. We knew that San Fran is typically chilly and windy so we were somewhat prepared. I say somewhat because we were still uncomfortable by how cold it got but we still got around – I guess that’s thanks to our Canadian weather. What we weren’t expecting was how expensive the city was. Now, I live in Toronto so it shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise but it was! Ahh! 

Regardless though, we loved our stay in the city and it definitely was an unforgettable adventure. We stayed in a super cute AirBNB that was close to all the major subway routes and transit, helping us save some $$ on Uber. The neighbourhood was also very cute, giving us the option of going on short walks and exploring the area, which we really enjoyed.

San Francisco Travel Guide

Places to Visit:

Anyhoo, here are the places we really adored:

  • Ferry Building Market – the architecture of the building was definitely drool worthy and the fact that the Bay Bridge is super close by, was even more of an incentive to visit this place. The market itself was so cute with such beautiful items on sale, my wallet was in a serious trouble!
  • SFMOMA – being the art junkie that I am, I really enjoyed their collection that included, Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Kahlo, Warhol and so so many more artists I have studied and adored!
  • Golden Gate Park – especially visit the Japanese Tea Garden it was so enchanting and beautiful, we did not want to leave!
  • Golden Gate Bridge – duh!
  • Union Square – nested in the heart of downtown SF, it was the perfect spot to just sit and relax after a day of shopping and strolling about downtown.
  • China Town – loved how colourful and animated this neighbourhood was. There was a festival happening when we visited and it was so so fun!
  • The Masonic – Sam Harris & Yuval Harari’s conversation was held here but the building itself is gorgeous and a must see!

Things to Consider:

  • San Francisco can get really windy and cold so be prepared for the weather
  • Certain areas can be unsafe so be cautious
  • The hills can get super steep which might drain your energy
  • It can get expensive super fast if you don’t keep an eye on how you’re spending your money

Hope this was helpful! Do let me know if there are any other attractions/places to visit so I can update the list 🙂

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