Good bye 2017, Hello 2018!

What a beautiful year 2017 has been. It was a year filled with tremendous amount of failure, stress, push backs, intense periods of lows and days when I just couldn't bring myself to get up again... but I did. 2017 was the year I made drastic changes, I moved to…
Fatima Zehra
January 1, 2018

Why We Owe It to Ourselves to Struggle

"It is your destiny so to move your wand, / To wake up storms, to run through the heart of storms, / To lay bare a monument like a nest in a thicket, / Though all you wanted was to pluck a few roses." -Czeslaw Milos This quote has done wonders…
Fatima Zehra
December 18, 2016

End of Summer // Style & Thoughts

Ahhh, the glorious season is coming to an end! This summer has been by far the most productive of all the seasons in the past. Not only did I explore the local areas and pigged out on amazing food, I achieved my goals and got some juicy bonuses along the…
Fatima Zehra
September 8, 2016

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