Am I the only one who feels all dreamy and romantic as soon as the signs of Spring’s arrival start to show? Please, tell me that is not the case!

Yes, Summer is my favourite season, but Spring is also so close to my heart. As soon as it starts to arrive, my frozen heart starts to thump again, shedding the ice and the frost that has been covering it for the past season. I just looooove the fresh smell of the air, the days turning longer and the little blooms that start to sprout out from every tree and plant I walk by. It just excites my soul that happier, warmer days are ahead of us and we are very close to leaving the icy, chilly days behind us.

Another soul that Spring brings to life is the romantic in me. Yeah, yeah, as lame as society convinces romantics to be, I am a very proud one. I just bury myself in poetic novels with soft, melodic playlists playing in the background, or sit on the balcony and draw and just gaze out at the horizon and just dreeeeeam! I love going for long walks in neighbourhoods thick with trees and gardens and just breathe in the wonderful scent of the blooms that are just waking up. Everything is becomes so much more vivid and lively when Spring starts to make its arrival. Such beaming external environments enliven an inner one as well – my dreamland! I become so much more dreamier in this season. I daydream more, I create more, and I definitely write more!

I have always been a little writer at heart. I just love writing letters. I often would write long emails to my friends who are far and close and would just pour our hearts out to each other. I’d read letters of famous writers writing to their fellow colleagues or loved ones and just developed such admiration for this culture. Yes, I prefer writing letters physically with pen and paper but considering how inefficient and inconvenient that has become, I resort to emails which still hold the essence of the culture. Writing letters have always helped me let myself loose and unwind. This is also one of the primary reasons I started a blog but if I am being honest, blogging and writing letters slightly differ from each other as blog is a bit more impersonal and staged than writing letters that are meant to convey the message in its raw form.

So, considering Spring right around the corner, a little idea sparked up in my head… why not start an email thread where I write to my wonderful readers! How is this different than doing blog posts, you ask? Well, this will be way more intimate and I will be writing exclusively to my email subscribers and won’t be publishing the content anywhere else. The letters will also be more informal and personal in nature, as if two pen pals writing to each other. I will be writing about my daily struggles as a creative, as well as an individual in the process of finding herself and all the obstacles she might face along the way.

So if you’d like to hop on and accompany me behind the scenes sign up below!

I am hoping to send my first letter by the end of the month so make sure you are on the list!

I honestly can’t wait to starting writing to you 🙂


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Fatima Zehra

Fatima Zehra

A dreamer and a storyteller at heart, Fatima's aim in life is to live as creatively as possible while inducing intention in everything she does as of late. It is because of such intention that Soul of Orion was born. A playground free of rules, fear of expectations and the likes, where she can freely express herself and her work as well as chronicle her journey of being, called life.