Saturday is my favourite (duh!) In fact, Saturdays become ever lovelier, once the weather gets warmer. I just love, love, love the summer because it brings out the best style. I more of a free-spirited individual so my style tends to leans about flowy, breezy dresses and skirts.

This entire past week I just day dream away awaiting for this lovely day to arrive – joking, I do live up the rest of the days. However, Saturday just has this very special place in my heart. No matter how awful the week has been, or how moody I am as a result, the arrival of Saturday just lifts up my spirits.

Today was dedicated to a very special project – which I will disclose later on. Since it is something I have never tried before, it has been a bit challenging, albeit fun. My brother, who was so so patient with me, joined me as my accomplice and helped me get a head start with the new project. In between though, as a break almost, we did mini photoshoots of my outfit and the places which lightened things up and didn’t make me feel like a complete noob ha! The weather today was so awesome with the cool breeze and Mr. Sun gracing us with its magnificent presence. We walked a ton and got a lot done despite the aforementioned difficulties.

So, here’s to trying new things and having fun along the way even if there are a ton of obstacles awaiting to bring us down (they won’t!)

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My gorgeous dress was made by my wondrously talented mother. I have been pushing her to start her new line but she just won’t budge – just yet 😉

Happy Saturday!

fatima zehra

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Fatima Zehra

Fatima Zehra

A dreamer and a storyteller at heart, Fatima's aim in life is to live as creatively as possible while inducing intention in everything she does as of late. It is because of such intention that Soul of Orion was born. A playground free of rules, fear of expectations and the likes, where she can freely express herself and her work as well as chronicle her journey of being, called life.