Happy Sunday!

Since I tend to spend my Sundays planning for the week and figuring my shit out, I thought why not have some fun with it and create a series to share on the blog. So… starting from this week, I will be doing a weekly post every Sunday overviewing my plans for the week, as well as, doing a mini recap of the previous week, you know like what goals I accomplished, what I couldn’t, etc. kind of a deal.

I am so excited! Eeck!

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But first, a Recap

Let’s start with a little recap…

So the last week was kind of a roller coaster. I had a few bumps which is an understatement and I really needed the latter half of the week to put myself together before I completely lost it.

If you follow me on my Instagram you’d know that I was in a car accident a few days ago. While driving to the studio, I was hit from behind and I did not see it coming. I was in my own lane, driving normally, the weather was good, traffic was normal and somehow the person still managed to hit and smash the back of my car to the point that it is unrecognizable.

Thankfully, nothing happened to me (at least not physically) and I am completely healthy and well. My car however is damaged beyond recognition and I am hoping they can repair it back to the way it was.

Before the accident, I had two outfit shoots and was actually recording it all for a “a day in my life” vlog series. However, after the accident everything went to a halt and I was way to stunned to do much about – I did still manage to shoot some of it and am currently assessing if I can (or should) still make a vlog out of it.

Anyways, after the crash I had a tiny meltdown. I was second guessing myself, had a bit of anxiety and wanted to just crawl in a hole and disappear. I started thinking if I wasn’t a business owner who has to always keep an eye on her finances and ensure she’s prepared for whatever downfalls and instead was just a regular hardworking employee, this event might have not had the impact that it had. Since, I am in the early stages of my business I have to really careful about budgeting and finances so having something like happen, it really threw me off.

Thankfully, I wasn’t at fault and the insurance took care of all of it. However, it still got me thinking: what am I doing? Is this a safe route to take in life? What if I was at fault? How would have I managed to overcome this financially? Yada yada yada. Thanks to my wonderful mother, she pulled me out of this before I sank any deeper and told me to not second guess myself but take this opportunity to work even harder that if this were to happen again I won’t be so affected. At first I didn’t get it but after the first 24 hours passed and I got the rental, I started to go back to my normal routine and really pondered over what my mom said.

Thus, I am starting this week with even more energy and motivation. I could have easily gotten hurt in that accident and things may have been even worse. Knowing this or rather being reminded of this I have a new found clarity of making each day count and to truly appreciate each moment without wasting it. I guess this is also the motivation behind doing a series like this where I account for each day and make sure I am adding intention to every action I take, ensuring that I am not wasting my time and ultimately settling for anything less than what makes my heart leap with joy.

The New Chapter

Okay, so this week I have a lot planned. I am not sure if I’d be able to accomplish all of them but I am hoping to cross of a chunk by next week. Since I tend to juggle various projects all at once (ugh) I am going to chop them up in segments in this post so you don’t end up with a headache (oops).

So, let’s dive into the list, shall we?


I tend to plan my looks for the week before hand so I am not scrambling on the day of and ended up wearing what I find first – its happened a lot. Starting each week afresh, I first check the weather for the week – yes, the weather in Toronto can’t be trusted but its good to have some idea as to what we are look at – so, currently it seems like the weather is going to range between 4 degree Celsius to -1 which is…. not that bad. There is going to be a combination of sunny and cloudy which is again not bad considering the icy hell we have experienced the past two months. Yay! This means I can play around a bit with my outfits! I am thinking bright, vibrant colours, combination of pants and thick blouses with light, long coats.


If you haven’t figured out by now, I am a big and I mean big bibliophile. I tend to read at least one book a week unless I am bombarded with work which hasn’t really been the case lately mainly because ever since I went full time creative and blogger I manage my own time and am able to squeeze in at least an hour for reading which is such a blessing I tell you, keeps me sane!

So, this weeks read is… *drum rolls please* A Secret History of Witches! I have heard so much about it and I have in fact read a few pages already and it seems like such a fun read so far – so excited!

Weekly Goals
Bedroom Makeover

Ahh, so much to do such little time. I have finally decided to work on my bedroom decor. Right now, it looks like a little shed that was hit by a tornado – I am not joking. I am currently planning on doing a video on the transformation because it is going to be a big one. Thus, one of my major goals this week is to start working on it. I have already ordered a very quirky, obsession-worthy clothing rack that literally just shipped and I am beyond excited to get my hands on it. Here is some inspiration for the room:

I want the room to be an oasis in the house considering how I tend to lose track of work-life balance working from home. Majority of my time is spent at my home office and I only head to my bedroom at the end of the day when I am done – like really done – which isn’t healthy.

I have realized one of the reasons why I hardly never spend any quality time in my bedroom other than sleeping is because I don’t ever get any soothing vibes from being there and I am not surprised since its just the four walls, a mattress and a mixture of mismatched furniture. And I want to (need to) change that.

Thus, I want my room to have a little bit of coastal vibes with some straw baskets, hanging plants, a pop of colour but mainly neutral palette and an airy look. So think beige and whites, quirky decor pieces, minimal shelf pieces for my books and light but fun wall decorations.

I want to keep it simple and warm while also adding an element of fun. Let’s see how this project turns out! I’ll do a home series to keep you in the loop 🙂

Pottery & Illustration

Ever since I got the keys to my studio space this month, I am slightly embarrassed to say I haven’t spent much time there. Between the current projects and the unfortunate accident I had the past week, I haven’t had the time or the mindset to go to the studio and make some art. I gotta make up for that.

So this week, I am hoping to spend a ton of time at the studio and hopefully be able to create at least one functional piece of pottery. I have been really struggling with it but I am practicing to be gentle with myself and keep reminding myself that I have just started and haven’t really given myself the time I need to get somewhere with it.

I also need to get back in the game of illustration and so I am hoping to spend a few hours this week on practicing hand drawing and creating some rough pieces for the shop and warm up my hand.

Content Creation

I need to make up for the missed vlog from last week due to the car crash and so I have to shoot two videos and hopefully create some compelling content for my youtube channel and IGTV.

In addition to the videos, I need to plan up 4 outfit shoots and curate some pieces for them as well.

I am thinking I’ll dedicate Monday and Tuesday just creating content and scheduling out the posts on the blog, Instagram and Pinterest and have the rest of the week to work on the other goals.

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned on my Instagram to see live updates on the list and the goals. I will be doing a regular updates for my bedroom series: shopping, finding inspiration, etc. and as usual will be posting all the outfit shots and details on my feed in real time, so make sure you’re following 😉

xo fatima

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