IT IS FINALLY HERE! The Room Tour I have been talking about for ages!

It took me a whiiiiiiile to get this one done – phewf!

Even though I set up my office first, decorating my room reeeeally helped me gain a sense of interior space aesthetics and allowed me to truly unveil the untapped creativity in me in terms of decorating and organizing spaces.

Now, my office space is still not entirely done as I need to work on the wall decor element – which is also why I haven’t posted a tour yet – but I am hoping that having the experience from decorating my room in its entirety will help me revamp the space even more and add more magic to it – soooo exciting!

Anyways, back to the star of the show: my bedroom!

It is done and beautiful! I am so happy with how it has turned out and it was such fun doing it. I am so excited to unveil this space to you and since one of the corner of my room will be primarily used for daily vlogs and such, I thought it would be fun introducing this space first before I started trickling in the regular vlogs.

I am going to make everything around me beautiful—
that will be my life.

room tour
room tour

La Room Tour

Without further ado, here is the Tour:

Room Highlights

The Casa Series

You may have noticed the “Casa Zehra” label on the video. This is because it is a SERIES! Woot!

Now that the room is done and the room tour video is live!

I will be working on different parts of the home as tackling the entire thing would be too much right now with everything else going on. So, instead of waiting for the entire place to be set up and do a full tour, I decided why not do a series based vlog where I keep doing mini tours of spaces as they are done – more videos, more fun, win win, yay!

Oh and my theory was right! I would often tell myself that once I have a space that is both beautiful and functional I would be more inspired and motivated to create. That is exactly what happened. In the last two days, I have already recorded and edited THREE vlogs, in addition to the room tour video – and that is a huge one for me as just dong one video a week was feeling like too much and so I would work on it as a chore not as something I loved doing, which is the whole point of being a digital creator, smh.

Buuuuuut, now, I feel so excited and inspired to create content and vlog! I can’t wait to start posting the vlogs I have done so far, including the room tour video, and the ones I have planned! This is going to be massive!

So stay tuned for more and once again, thank you so much for taking the time to watch my little ramblings and for following along this sweet little journey of being!

Until next time, darling!

xo fatima

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